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Ecommerce Europe is the voice of the e-commerce sector in Europe. Through its 20 national associations, Ecommerce Europe represents over 25,000 online shops across Europe. Its mission: boost the e-commerce industry by helping decision makers shape policies fit for future sustainable growth.

The Global Address Data Association, Inc. (GADA), a nonprofit trade association, is the first association of its kind in the world.  The address “industry” is not recognized as the professional discipline that it is, either by posts, the mailing/shipping community, or government institutions, and is not represented before its major partners – the postal systems.  GADA intends to change that.

Moreover, their field of interest goes beyond the postal address to include any data points used to identify or geolocate people and places. They aim to start with the postal/physical address and expand from there.

EMOTA is covering a long list of policy dossiers which are highly relevant for e-commerce, whereby the focus lies on the removal of barriers to and facilitation of cross-border sales.

The present legal environment, with 28 different rules on consumer protection, respect of privacy, delivery and payments result in high costs for distance sellers with international ambitions. Policy makers are keen to help and EMOTA is there to show where the improvements are needed.

The Digital Trade Network (DTN), is a global initiative with a permanent representative in Geneva and support team in London based at International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) UK. DTN’s objectives are to promote the benefits of digital trade and help provide a voice for business at the World Trade Organization.


To join the Ecommerce Forum of Africa, please sign up here.


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